PHILIPS MASKS RECALL - For sleep therapy masks containing magnetic harness attachments.
RESMED MASKS WITH MAGNETS RECALL - Potential magnetic interference with certain medical devices.

Veterinary medicine / Plastic and cosmetic surgery

Oxymed has all the gases needed for surgery as well as a full range of respiratory products / anesthetic masks, corrugated tubing, cannulas, suction catheters etc.

We can install all medical oxygen equipment for your veterinary clinic: large and small oxygen cylinders, regulators, manifolds (including high pressure).

Fast oxygen refills and cylinders change are always included in our services.






Turnkey service

Turnkey service for delivery and installation of gas cylinders.

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Oxygen emergency clinical model.

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Emergency oxygen equipment designed for rapid use during an emergency situation. Included: 400 liters cylinder, fixed flow regulator of 10 liters (40 minutes of oxygen autonomy) Rigid enclosure that can be wall mounted, works with masks for children and adults.

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Sedation course

On the inhalation of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Contact us.

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