Conscious sedation by inhalation of oxygen and nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide sedation ...

Turns the stress of dentistry into a relaxing and soothing sensation.

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is also called "laughing gas". It is used with pure oxygen to reduce stress and fear. Nitrous oxide has soothing and relaxing properties on the brain.

What are the advantages of nitrous oxide?

It acts quickly after only a few minutes, your stress will give way to a feeling of relaxation and well-being. The level of sedation can be adjusted. The level of sedation is adjusted quickly to obtain an optimal state of relaxation for your needs. Recovery is fast. The beneficial effects of nitrous oxide disappear after only 3 to 5 minutes after a session without leaving any trace of residual sedation. This is the only form of dental sedation that allows you to resume your regular activities, such as driving your car, in minimal time.

Is nitrous oxide safe?

ABSOLUTELY. Nitrous oxide is considered to be the safest dental sedation agent for the control of anxiety during dental or medical treatment. It is a weak anesthetic that is completely removed from the body after a session. The beneficial effects of nitrous oxide are even highly recommended for reducing the stress of patients with certain diseases such as angina, hypertension or having had a heart attack in the past. Unlike general anesthesia, sedation with nitrous oxide allows the patient to remain fully conscious.

Some patients describe their experience as a floating sensation during a pleasant dream. For fearful children and anxious adults, protoxide can be the key to receiving the necessary dental treatments in comfort.

Is it safe for children?

YES. Everything is done to help your child accept dental treatment. Unfortunately, some children need sedation to help them accept treatment. Nitrous oxide is the safest and most predictable sedation technique for treating children. It allows your child to have a positive memory of his visit to the dentist.

Courses of conscious sedation by inhalation of oxygen and nitrous oxide are also available for dentists at different times of the year. Contact us for more infor.


Use of nitrous oxide and oxygen according to JADC






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Emergency oxygen equipment designed for rapid use during an emergency situation Included: 400 liters cylinder, fixed flow regulator of 10 liters (40 minutes of oxygen autonomy) Rigid enclosure that can be wall mounted, masks for children and adults.

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